Taxi reverses into car at Minden Road carpark then drives off like nothing happened

Submitted by Stomper Victim

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We all hope that we never have to experience an accident on the road but when you are involved in something like a hit-and-run, having an in-car camera can be incredibly helpful.

Stomper Victim's car was unfortunately involved in a hit-and-run accident at a carpark at 44 Minden Road on July 27.

In footage recorded by his in-car camera, a taxi is seen reversing into a lot to the left of Victim's car.

The taxi hits his vehicle before moving off as if nothing happened. As a result, his car suffered scratches and dents.

"The cabby did not have the courtesy to write a note to say he was sorry," said the Stomper.

"If you have not gotten a car cam recorder, please do so.

"I was lucky to catch him on video."

He told Stomp he has since made a police report.