Swarm of bees create a buzz at Senja Rd block

Submitted by Stomper Raj

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Stomper Raj and his wife were shocked when they saw a huge swarm of bees buzzing around their home at Block 607 Senja Rd yesterday morning (Nov 5).

They were alerted to the spectacular sight by their neighbour from the next block and Raj's wife subsequently took a video from their unit's window.

"We have seen a few bees before but never of this magnitude," said Raj in a phone interview with Stomp.

The Stomper added that he believes something spooked the bees causing them to get into a frenzy.

"It didn't take long for them to eventually leave."

In the video, while there are several bees flying around, hundreds of them clustered together on the roof of the block, creating a black mass.

"We were not worried as somebody from the Town Council came down to manage the situation," Raj added.

Watch the video below.

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