Students loiter in front of Bukit Batok HDB unit, tell resident they were 'playing catching'

Submitted by Stomper Alan

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A resident was concerned when his door camera captured secondary school students hanging around his and his neighbour's units at Block 160 Bukit Batok Street 11 on Monday afternoon (July 24).

Stomper Alan said the students, who were in uniform, were 'behaving suspiciously and loitering'.

"They were staring at my box placed outside my unit and opened it to see if there was anything inside," he said.

"They also went to my neighbour's unit, looking through their shoes.

"When they realised there was a camera at my unit, they hurried off."

Alan said he later went to chase them down.

"They claimed that they are playing catching at the block which doesn't sound right," he said.

"Do they look like they are playing catching?"

Alan added that he is considering making a police report.