Youths play with fire sparklers, challenge resident to call police -- and one even poses for camera

Submitted by Stomper Jess

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Two youths did not take too kindly to a Sengkang resident who advised them not to play with fire sparklers on Friday night (Apr 21).

Stomper Jess said the pair, a man and a woman, challenged her to call the police – which she did.

She also shared photos and a video showing the woman taunting her by posing for the camera.

The incident occurred on the sixth-floor garden of Block 409A Fernvale Road at around 10.20pm.

Jess told Stomp: "There were loud pop, pop sounds, which was why I went to check my bedroom window and noticed the two of them playing with fireworks and firecrackers.

"I asked them not to play with fireworks because it was late and dangerous. Furthermore, the area they were playing at was very near to my bedroom and kitchen.

"However, they ignored me and continued with the loud noise. They then challenged me to call police so I called. When they saw me taking a video of them, the lady purposely posed and danced for me.

"Before the police arrived, the guy kept on challenging me by asking, 'Where is the police???' That really annoyed me.

"I was really anxious that they might start a fire as my mother has dementia and is in a wheelchair. They could have played on the ground floor instead. Plus, it was already so late at night.

"I felt worried and frustrated with their behaviour. I'd tried to be nice, but they just ignored my warning and challenged me to call the police. If they really caused a fire, who is going to be responsible?"

Stomp understands that police responded to the noise complaint and advised the parties involved.

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