Stray cat undergoes eyelid surgery, becomes a hit with netizens

Before and after photos of a stray cat in Chengdu that had 'double eyelid surgery' to make its eyes bigger have exploded on the Internet.

Feifei, or fatty, was found on the streets and underwent surgery to correct its eyelid problem.

The photos were posted on Weibo where the user wrote:

"My friend’s vet clinic just helped a stray cat that could barely open its eyes because its eyelids folded inwards but after ‘double eyelid surgery’ it looks like a different cat.”

Many are familiar with double eyelid surgery which is a common cosmetic procedure done in Asia that adds a fold of skin to make the eye appear bigger.

However, this is probably one of the few times it has been reported that a cat has done so.

In the photos, the Feifei's eyes look half-closed and droopy.

Post-surgery, there is swelling and stitches below its eyes but in another photo where the wounds have healed, the cat is able to fully open its eyes.

According to South China Morning Post, Fefei has become a hit with netizens and its photos have garnered over 35,000 likes since they were posted in the middle of July.

The vet, He Jinyi, who operated on the cat told Chengdu Business Daily that the surgery was not cosmetic but a necessary procedure to correct the cat's abnormal eyelids that folded inwards.

The cat's eyelashes were constantly rubbing against its cornea and could cause irritation and infection.

He believes the photos became a hit as the change in the cat's eyes are so dramatic.

The procedure cost nearly 2,000 yuan ($403) and Feifei has found a happy home with a local family.