Malaysian man spends $57k to look like Final Fantasy character, pleads for criticism to stop

A Malaysian man, Amirul Rizwan Musa, who spent RM180,000 (S$57,855) on plastic surgery, so he could look like a character from the game ‘Final Fantasy 8’, has pleaded with netizens to stop criticising his looks.

Amirul, more commonly known as Miyyo Rizone, rose to fame after a set of his photos went viral last Sunday (Jul 1), drawing a deluge of hateful comments on his Facebook page. 

Said the 21-year-old owner of MR Beauty Line, Sdn Bhd, in a New Straits Times interview:

“I have had enough.

“Please stop condemning me.”

Miyyo added that the spotlight had cost him the business of some customers:

“I have gained so much attention that I have lost the trust of some customers who condemned me for going under the knife to change my appearance.”

Miyyo also revealed that strangers have approached him in public and hurled insults at him. 

Although he admitted that some of his family members, including his siblings, had criticised him for going under the knife, he said that he was at peace, for his parents accepted him for who he was and not how he looked. 

He pleaded:

“Please try to understand my situation and stop dehumanising and cursing me. 

“It is very stressful.”

It was reported that Miyyo had spent up to RM180,000 (S$57,855) to look like Ken, the famous male counterpart to the Barbie doll, and then Squall Leonhart, a character from the game Final Fantasy 8.

Miyyo also said that his decision to undergo plastic surgery was his own, and it was never his intention to encourage others to do the same. 

He revealed that after he contracted chicken pox when he was 16 years old, his skin condition deteriorated and his self-esteem took a hit.

Undergoing plastic surgery boosted his confidence, he said.