Vietnam girl labelled as 'too ugly and undesirable' stuns haters after plastic surgery

A woman from Vietnam who has been teased for her looks has hit back at her haters after undergoing plastic surgery.

According to World Of Buzz, 22-year-old Kuok has always been at the receiving end of insults due to her looks.

In school, she was ostracised by her classmates.

Things did not get better after graduation. Kuok was described as too ugly and undesirable during match-making sessions.

One candidate even reportedly said:

"If I marry her, I will lose my appetite."

All the years of verbal abuse prompted Kuok to take drastic measures in the form of plastic surgery. She spent around $20,000 on cosmetic procedures.

Thankfully, they have yielded some positive results.

Kuok's physical appearance improved dramatically, along with her self-confidence.

She found love after plastic surgery, and decided to tie the knot with her companion after dating for less than six months.

Have a look at photos of her transformation in the gallery above.