Stranger hits woman up on Telegram, asks her if she's 'legal' and if she wants to go on dates

Submitted by Stomper Stella

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A woman was taken aback when she received what she described as 'creepy' messages from a stranger via Telegram on Nov 19.

Stomper Stella shared with Stomp screenshots of the conversation with a guy named V.

In the screenshots, V asked Stella if she provided any 'services'.

Confused, she asked him what services he was referring to. He then asked if she was 'legal'.

The guy elaborated and said 'quick ones'. He added that he found her in the 'sgfollowsall' group.

Stella told Stomp she had no idea how the guy got her number and told him that she does not post 'this stuff' online.

He asked her if they could go on dates and that he didn't mind paying.

Stella then asked him how old he was and told him she already had a boyfriend but that she did not mind going out as friends.

When he told her he was 18, she said: "Sorry [you're] not legal."

Stella, who is 24, said she won't go on a date with anyone below 21.

The guy then told her he had just broken up with his girlfriend and that he was looking to meet 'new girls' to talk to and 'have a fun time' with.

He repeated that he didn't mind paying and that he had money.

When asked if she reported the matter, Stella said she ended the conversation and warned him not to contact her again.

"I am kind of lazy to make a report," she said.

"Please warn and share."

Read the full conversation in the gallery above.

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