Student 'played' by recruiter after waiting 1 hour to gain entry for job interview

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Update on Nov 11:

A spokesman from Mirae Distributions reached out to Stomp to respond to the Stomper's experience:

"We’ve read through the content and found our staff to be following company procedures.

"We’ve also read the comments and wish to further confirm that the Changi Airport Cargo Pass Office indeed only allows a fax to be sent when verifying an applicant.

"No other form of communication is allowed.

"As there are many companies located within the airport area, many of the different companies would send a fax to a single fax number to facilitate clearance for deliveries or interviewees.

"A fax needs to be sent for every individual and by sheer luck, the fax sent for that individual made through which was the reason why the candidate before him managed to clear the security. 

"At times, the line can be engaged resulting in multiple failed fax attempts.

"We are sorry the candidate feels that he has been “played” and wish him all the best!

The attempts by the company to send a fax to the pass office for the candidate each time he was informed to wait.

"It’s a misunderstanding and really beyond our control as the Airport Pass Office does not allow any form of communication aside from a fax.

"No email or phone calls are allowed.

"It’s just one single fax line that many companies use to send a fax."

Original article:

A part-time student felt he was 'played' after being made to wait one hour to attend a job interview.

The Stomper, who is currently studying finance at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), applied for a part-time office assistant position with Mirae Distributions via FastJobs.

After being told to send over his resume, the company's contact person arranged for him to attend an interview at Airport Cargo Road on Monday (Nov 7) at 3pm.

The Stomper was given instructions on what to prepare, including sharing his full name and NRIC details so that he could go through the building's pass office on the day of the interview.

"I reached the pass office at 2:55pm and was subsequently rejected entry as my name wasn’t informed to the guard," said the Stomper.

"The contact person said he would send over the fax and I was told to wait 10 mins over and over and the fax never came.

"I waited for an hour and I left after realising I had been played."

The contact person did not seem phased and simply wished the Stomper 'all the best'.