Property agent turns nasty after Facebook user accidentally responds to ad

Submitted by Stomper Ramesh

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A property agent's attitude made a 180-degree turn after a Facebook user told him he accidentally replied to his ad.

Stomper Ramesh told Stomp that he was scrolling through his Facebook feed on Wednesday (Apr 19) when he came across an ad.

"There was a pre-text message in the chat that I unknowingly clicked on when I kept my phone in my pocket," he said.

"When I checked my phone there was a reply."

The agent asked Ramesh to clarify which property he was interested in to which Ramesh apologised and said he 'wrongly clicked'.

This did not go down well.

The agent replied: "F*** off every click costs money you know!"

Needless to say, Ramesh was shocked.

"His reply was rude," he said.

"He is not fit for a customer-facing admin role."