Stomper's SIA flight experience spoiled by fellow passenger's stinky feet: 'It's a disgusting sight'

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A Stomper's flight experience on Singapore Airlines (SIA) was spoiled after a fellow passenger's stinky feet faced him as he was eating.

Stomper Alex contributed photos of the incident and said: "It was a morning flight on Nov 15 and the plane was bound to arrive in Shanghai at about 2.30pm.

"I was going there for a short holiday and chose SIA because I knew that their in-flight service is worth the price.

"There was the usual -- babies crying, occasional kicking of my seat. These are okay but never did I expect the passenger in front of me would be able to place her stinky feet near the window and face me!

"It was after my lunch, at about 1.45pm, but I was snacking and my drink was just a few inches away from her feet.

"I couldn't continue eating with her smelly feet so near.

"It seemed like she was resting her head on her partner's thighs but I'm not too sure how she managed to contort herself to sit in such a position.

"I didn't want to make a scene and I wasn't sure if she'll do something else to spoil my flight so I just endured.

"I think it lasted for about 30 minutes.

"Imagine having stinky feet facing you while you're having your meal.

"I've been flying for so many decades and have met many types of rude passengers but this is the worst of all.

"Pity a first-class flight being marred by the low-class behaviour of a fellow passenger.

"This is my first time experiencing such a thing on a flight. 

"I doubt anyone would've experienced this too. Mind you, it's not easy to sit in such a way till your feet faces the passenger behind you.

"It's a pretty disgusting sight.

"Thinking about this horrible experience again makes me want to puke."

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