Stomper sees huge flock of pigeons and hell notes scattered on ground near Lakeside MRT Station

Submitted by Stomper Yasmin

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Stomper Yasmin was walking near Lakeside MRT Station, heading towards the HDB Branch office nearby to settle some matters, when she saw the two unsightly incidents last Saturday (Nov 1).

There was a huge flock of pigeons eating slices of bread that were left on the ground and there were hell notes scattered across the road.

It was at about 12pm when Yasmin saw the flock of pigeons nibbling on something.

After a closer look, she realised it was bread.

Someone had scattered bread all over the area and the birds were busy eating them all up.

She said: "I think it is irresponsible to be feeding the birds like this as it creates a big mess."

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She took a video of the incident and carried on with her journey.

Then, she saw hell notes scattered across a road at Jurong West Street 52, still near Lakeside MRT Station.

She took pictures of the pieces of paper on the ground.

She said: "People should be more considerate. They should not litter.

"There are proper disposal areas in the vicinity for this."

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