Stomper orders Nike shoes via Lazada but receives a pair of no-brand socks

Submitted by Stomper Jo

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A Stomper was eagerly anticipating the arrival of a pair of Nike shoes he had ordered via online marketplace Lazada but was sorely disappointed when all he received was a pair of socks.

Stomper Jo told Stomp he purchased a pair of Nike M2K Tekno shoes for $91.81 but on Feb 19, received a pair of socks instead.

"I ordered Nike shoes from Lazada only to receive a pair of socks which were not even from the Nike brand," he said.

"It seems to be kids' socks too."

He then issued a request for a refund on the same day he received the socks but has yet to receive a response.

"I then emailed the seller many times since then but they have not replied me at all even though the messages were read," he added.