Stomper has no regrets after queueing 15 minutes for free lunch at People's Park Food Centre

Submitted by Stomper C

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Many of us are not above joining a random queue, especially if it ends with getting a free lunch.

Stomper C went to check out the newly renovated People's Park Food Centre on Wednesday afternoon (July 12) and was deciding what to have for lunch when she saw a snaking long queue in front of one of the stalls.

"Being a typical Singaporean, I decided to join the queue even though I had not heard of Shi Nian (apparently, they have a few outlets)," she said.

"While queueing, I overheard people talking about some promotion or giveaway and how today is the last day so I went to look up their social media."

C discovered their Instagram post urging customers to visit their Chinatown stall to get one free Pig Leg Rice or Pig Trotter Rice bowl per person.

The offer is from July 10 to July 12 from 10.30am to 9pm and is for dine-in customers only.

"I asked the aunties behind me if it is really free and they said yes just order," said C.

"I was still wondering if it was too good to be true but I just ordered Pig Leg Rice and they served it to me immediately, no payment needed.

"I didn't take out my wallet at all.

"So happy to randomly get a free lunch!

"Taste and portion are both good."