Texas Chicken staff breaks down in tears after facing angry customers who couldn't get free bag

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April 17, 2023

An employee of a Texas Chicken outlet at Century Square was reduced to tears after having to contend with angry customers who were told there were no more free chicken-shaped bags left.

Texas Chicken Singapore gave away the bags on Sunday (April 16) with every purchase of its 13th anniversary combo deals, priced at $13.90. 

Long queues were spotted at several outlets of the fast food chain, and some customers apparently queued for up to five hours for the freebie.

The incident was captured on video by TikTok user Usman DC, who said in the video that the branch had run out of chicken bags, leaving a number of customers, who had queued for hours, disappointed.

He explained in the comments that some patrons had confronted the employee.

One male patron, when told the bags were out of stock, told the employee to inform management that customers should be told how many bags are left, so as to not have them queue in vain. 

He also suggested that the customers in the queue be given a bag once the freebies were restocked.

The staff member tried to explain that the bags would not be restocked, but the man allegedly kept repeating himself.

She then burst into tears and ran into the corner. 

In Usman's video, the male customer can be seen trying to comfort the employee.

@usman26waw #texaschickensg #chickenbag out of stock, and still have long queue. #uzzystyle ♬ Super Mario Bros Main Theme - Geek Music


One patron, who spoke to Mothership, said staff had indeed at one point informed customers at the back of the queue that there were only 50 bags left.

"But all they did was shrug their shoulders and continued queueing," she said.

Addressing the incident, a spokesman from Texas Chicken said the staff member had felt "overwhelmed" by the crowd.

"Our management team has spoken to her; she is feeling better now," the spokesman said.

The bags are currently out of stock at all branches, and there are no plans to restock it.

According to listings online, the chicken bag has surfaced on Carousell for as much as $100. 

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