Stomper grateful for motorists who braved rain to move fallen tree along Holland Rd amidst jam

Submitted by Stomper Sherie

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Stomper Sherie was driving along Holland Road towards Ulu Pandan at about 10.30am on Friday (June 15) when she realised that a fallen tree had obstructed all three lanes on the road.

The vehicles ahead could not move, resulting in a traffic jam amidst the morning shower. 

It was then she spotted three motorists who alighted their cars to help to move the tree aside.

According to Sherie, the attempt took about 10 minutes and the three ultimately managed to clear the debris from the rightmost lanes.

Said Sherie:

“After they cleared away the branches away from the lane, some of the vehicles could finally pass through.”

However, the trunk of the tree was too heavy and three of them could not move it away. 

Asked how she felt about their actions, Sherie gushed:

“It’s great to see such good men in Singapore who would brave the rain to help without being asked.

“I am really grateful for their help, as all the drivers could have been struck if it were not for their help. 

“I’m sure some of our friends were visiting others this Hari Raya Puasa. The fallen tree could have caused inconveniences to everyone.”

Stomp understands that the fallen tree was a yellow flame tree, and it was cleared by 11.30am.