Driver recounts close shave with fallen tree: "It could have been me underneath"

Submitted by Stomper Flora

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Stomper Flora was driving along Marine Parade Road during the storm yesterday (Jan 31) when she witnessed a large tree falling onto the road right before her eyes.

Strong winds during the same storm had also caused boats and bins at East Coast Park to be sent flying.

Flora said she decided to share her 'surreal' experience with the fallen tree after reading a report about the storm on Stomp.

A video that her dashboard camera captured shows how the tree had fallen and blocked the entire road.

Flora told Stomp: "I saw the tree crack and fall. It was a surreal experience. I never expected to see something like that.

"We have been experiencing such unusual weather. Anything can happen.

"It left me thinking that it could have been me underneath that tree."

Fortunately, no vehicles were hit by the tree.

According to Flora, she and several other motorists then made a tree-point turn and took an alternative route due to the obstruction.

"I think there was quite a jam," she added.

Watch Flora's close shave with the tree in the video below.