Stomper 'exposes' cheapo driver who tailgated him to evade parking fee

Submitted by Stomper Jason

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It appears that some errant drivers are taking advantage of the limited time they have before the Housing and Development Board (HDB) installs a system with sensors and cameras in HDB carparks to record motorists who pass gantries without paying.

Stomper Jason experienced one such driver tailgate his car out of a carpark at Block 407 Serangoon Avenue 1 today (Feb 21) at around 12am.

In a video shared by the Stomper, the driver's car is stopped behind the exit gantry.

He then reverses and parks to the side to let other cars pass him.

However, once Jason reaches the gantry, the other driver quickly moves into position right behind him and follows him closely out of the carpark.

"I couldn't resist not posting this and exposing this cheapo driver who tailgated and did not pay parking fees," said the Stomper.

Watch the video below.