'Cheapo' Lexus driver tailgates other car out of Jurong West carpark to avoid paying parking fee

Submitted by Stomper Azmi

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Stomper Azmi was exiting a carpark at Block 502 Jurong West Street 51 on Saturday (Jan 27) when he noticed a driver of a Lexus behaving strangely.

"I was looking in my rearview mirror and saw this car suddenly going very fast before tailgating me very closely," said the Stomper.

It was then that he realised the driver of SJK7111R was trying to evade paying the parking fee.

"Wah bro, your Lexus car costs double of my car, but parking charges you also want to sponge off of me," he said.

"Your 'cheapskateness' gives me goosebumps!"

Watch the video below.