Toyota Mark X driver blatantly tailgates car to avoid paying parking fee

Submitted by Stomper Derrick

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Stomper Derrick was driving out of a carpark at Jurong West Street 51 yesterday (Jan 22) at around 11.20am when he noticed a black Toyota Mark X driving dangerously close to him.

He then realised that the driver was purposely tailgating him as he approached the exit barrier of the carpark so that he could avoid paying the parking fee.

"The tailgating was so near as you can see," said the Stomper who shared a video of the incident with Stomp. "Dangerous driving!"

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) announced last year that they will be installing a system with sensors and cameras in HDB carparks to record motorists who pass the gantries without paying.

The Tailgating Detection System (TDS) will be introduced in the second half of this year.

Watch the video below.