Stomper amused by lightsaber battles with adults at Funan: 'I expected there to be children playing'

Submitted by Stomper Carrie

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Where was Luke Skywalker when you needed him?

People were "fighting" each other with lightsabers at Funan to celebrate Star Wars Day, which is on Thursday (May 4).

It was part of the May The 4th Be With You event at the mall from April 29 to May 1.

Stomper Carrie shared videos of fans duelling with the legendary weapon of the Jedi and the Sith on Sunday (April 30).

"I was amused watching them," said the Stomper.

"I don’t really know what is the goal because there didn’t seem to be any winners in the matches. Is it like a choreographed dance performance?

"I kinda expected there to be children playing, but it seemed like it’s an adults-only activity?"

The combatants were dressed in regular clothes instead of costumes from a galaxy far far away, which disappointed the Stomper.

"What a wasted opportunity to dress up as Star Wars characters," she said.

It is reminiscent of the Star Wars Kid viral video of old.

The lightsabers were made by a Singapore company called SaberMach and the combatants were from The Saber Authority.

"I didn’t expect people in Singapore like Star Wars so much that there’s a whole company dedicated to lightsaber battles," said the Stomper.

May the Force be with them.

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