Void deck entertainment: 'Jerry' chases 'Tom' at Hougang HDB block

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February 23, 2023

Singapore's very own Tom and Jerry?  

In a 11-second video shared on TikTok by user floracindy1 on Tuesday (Feb 21), a large rat is seen relentlessly chasing a black-and-white cat at a void deck in Hougang Central. 

Though the cat notices the rat creeping out from a corner, the rat lunges suddenly at the cat , catching it by surprise and forcing it to run away.

The cat slows down a little but is pursued by the rat again. 

The video ends without revealing how the chase concluded.


Our very own version of Tom & Jerry ..

♬ Tom And Jerry Main Theme (From ""Tom And Jerry"") - Geek Music

Many netizens were amused by the incident, relating it to the cartoon Tom and Jerry, just as the TikTok user had done. 

One said: "The real Tom and Jerry."

"2023 version of Tom and Jerry," another quipped. 

While most netizens revelled in the unusual chase, one keen observer noted the position of the cat's tail, suggesting that it might on the contrary have enjoyed the chase. 

Said the netizen: "The cat's tail is straight means he's happy being chased."

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