Phua Chu Kang? It's a parody video by an interior design studio starring its own head carpenter

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An interior design studio has created a video parody of local sitcom character Phua Chu Kang played by the company's own head carpenter.

The video was posted on Magenta Interior's Facebook page on March 25 and caught the attention of Stomper Gerald.

Sharing a link to the video, he said: "I came across a light-hearted and funny clip many Singaporeans can relate to."

The 71-second video first shows someone stepping out of a car wearing black pants and the iconic yellow boots. The camera pulls back to reveal Magenta Interior's head carpenter, Mr Poh, in the classic Phua Chu Kang costume, although the wig was somewhat oversized and Mr Poh wore glasses, which PCK does not.

Mr Poh then put his hands on his hips and twisted his torso to the sound effect of bones cracking and picked his nose as he walked away from the car.

The video cuts to him climbing stairs under a sign that read "Design with distinction" which he stopped to acknowledge. He is then shown answering his phone in Hokkien before leaving for a job. The video ends with him entering a workshop to saw large planks of wood.

The video even has a post-credit scene of sorts where Mr Poh had his wig off and someone asked him whether he knew what the fake mole on his face was made of.

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Posted by Magenta Interior on Saturday, March 25, 2023


In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Magenta Interior said: "Our CEO, Sean, came up with the idea for the video. He saw many similarities between our head carpenter and PCK. So he figured Singaporeans could relate to our light-hearted parody.

"We sourced the costume on Taobao and Shopee. The tough part was sourcing a mole as none were available. Hence, we approached a friend who is a makeup artist who proposed colouring some Blu Tack black and sticking pubic hair on it."

The spokesman added that Mr Poh was more than happy to help out and try acting.

"He took the pubic hair in good humour. After we posted the video on our Facebook page, Mr Poh said that he has been approached by other companies to portray PCK for them."

Stomp shared the video with the original Phua Chu Kang actor, Gurmit Singh, who joked: "I should send this to Mediacorp and get paid for this."

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