Town Council takes action after Stomp report on BMW driver parking illegally at void deck

The errant BMW driver who would frequently park his car illegally at the void deck walkway of Tampines Greenlace has been issued a notice of offence, according to a spokesperson from the Tampines Town Council.

The report was submitted on Jan 22 by Stomper PL, who took photos of the vehicle obstructing the walkway. 

According to the Stomper, the driver would reverse into the walkway from the drop-off point. He would also often treat it as a loading and unloading bay. 

In response to the Stomp report, the spokesperson said: 

"We have issued a notice of offence to the driver for illegal parking at the void deck and will adopt appropriate measures for the safety of residents and members of the public and to prevent such irresponsible acts that may cause inconvenience to others."

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