What's this, your grandfather's void deck?

Submitted by Stomper PL

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Stomper PL alerted Stomp to an inconsiderate BMW driver who has been frequently parking his car at the void deck walkway of Tampines Greenlace, along Tampines Street 86.

Located next to the drop-off point, the walkway is wide enough for a car to enter comfortably.

According to the Stomper, the driver would reverse into the walkway from the drop-off point. He would also often treat it as a loading and unloading bay. 

Last night (Jan 22) was the third time the driver had parked his vehicle in the walkway, said the Stomper. She added that his vehicle was parked for around half an hour.

The Stomper has since reported the driver to the Tampines Town Council.

Said the Stomper:

“It is dangerous because there could be kids running around and they might get knocked down.

“There are proper ways and places to park that do not endanger anyone.”