Stomp finds out if offer for males who have served NS to redeem $100 voucher is legit

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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Scams abound in the world these days and it is no wonder that many are becoming more wary about free offers.

Stomper Tan alerted Stomp to a circulated message on WhatsApp.

The message includes a link ( and states that male citizens who have served National Service (NS) can log in on the site to see if they qualify for a $100 voucher.

Tan told Stomp: "I have been receiving this message for about two weeks.

"I received this message last week, but another of my ex-classmates sent it to me a week before last week.

"Felt that something wasn't right so I sent this to Stomp to confirm."

The link opens up to a page that looks like this: 

Instructions on the page state that the form is only applicable for National Servicemen who have received text notifications via SMS.

"I asked my friends if they tried logging in and they said they didn't because they don't dare to apply for it.

"I don't dare to try it as well because I'm not sure if the website link is authentic. There are a lot of scammers nowadays.

"There wasn't anything about this mentioned in any newspapers as well."

The Ministry of Defence affirmed in a Facebook post that the FormSG links starting with are legitimate.

According to the NS Portal, people who receive these text notifications are eligible for the National Service Excellence Award (NSEA) if they're recipients of Awards or have performed well during their in-camp training or NS courses.

They also said that people who have received the SMS should refrain from forwarding the message to others as those ineligible won't be able to make any redemptions.

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