S'porean cycling to Europe chased by wild dogs in Thailand, tries to kick one away and falls hard

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It is Max Yeo's childhood dream to cycle to Europe.

His friend, Stomper Michael, was impressed that he made it all the way to Thailand and alerted Stomp to his friend's feat.

But in Thailand was also where the dream turned into a nightmare.

In the early morning of July 17, Mr Yeo was chased by wild dogs and fell, derailing his plans.

"It took place on that night when I decided to gain some mileage since the conditions seemed doable," wrote the 47-year-old on Facebook, where he shared a video of the dogs barking.

"The road just got darker as I rolled...

"By the time I heard the panting sound and glanced in the direction, a dog was approximately 1 foot away from my left ankle. I immediately lifted my pedalling leg, trying to kick it away, and that was when I lost my balance and had a very hard fall.

"With all my blinking lights lit, two scooter riders from a distance behind saw what happened. They quickly sounded their horn, throwing high beams as they charged towards my direction. Thanks to their actions, the three dogs ran away without giving me a bite.

"After helping me up and making sure I was all right, they rode off. I continued for another 98km of ride to Nakhon Si Thammarat."

Nakhon Si Thammarat is a Thai city about 610km south of Bangkok.

Mr Yeo had injured his right hand, left elbow, ribcage, hips and ankle.

He went to a hospital in Nakhon Si Thammarat for treatment and after returning to Singapore on July 20, he saw a doctor at the Yishun Polyclinic.

On Monday (July 24), Mr Yeo told Stomp: "The recovery has progressed a little, but till now, I still can't clench my right fist. When I take a deep breath or laugh, my ribcage still hurts."

But he still plans to return to Thailand to continue fulfilling his childhood dream. "It should not be later than end-August," said the former Republic of Singapore Navy serviceman.

"I resigned from the navy during Covid to prepare for this trip because this is a physically demanding ride and the navy could not approve my three-year no-pay leave So I decided to leave before I’m too old and weak."

Mr Yeo just did not account for the nasty canines.

"It was a freak accident. If I didn't attempt to do night cycling, maybe that wouldn't have happened," he lamented.

"Some things we just have to learn from our mistakes, yah?"