S'pore car owner shocked to find windows smashed in JB condo car park, shares CCTV video of culprit

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Dec 20, 2023

Netizen TheBlueCarGuy posted on TikTok a video showing the damage done to his car in an incident in Johor.

He shared that he and his friend had driven to JB on Dec 15 for a staycation at KSL D’Esplanade Residence, a 26-storey condominium block above KSL City.

On the property's official website, it boasts security measures at the premises, including security checkpoint at the entrance of every block and an access-card system, which according to the netizen, was used for entry to the different storeys including the carpark.

@thebluecarguy Hi all. Please help me to spread/repost/share. On 15th December 2023, I drove in Johor for a staycation at KSL D’Esplanade Residence. I arrived and parked at the “heavily guarded with security guards and the need to have a keycard to access every floor including the carpark” at approximately 8pm. My friend and I, after parking, we did not go out with the car anymore and hence it was sitting in the carpark. The following day, 16th December 2023, at 10am, both of us decided to go for Breakfast. We went to the carpark, and damn the shock when we saw that my driver seat window had been smashed into pieces. Funnily enough, there were NO VALUABLES placed in plain sight. I had a laptop and portable charger in a bag, but in the boot. The thief smashed my window, unlocked the doors and also the boot. Everything was ransacked and was in a mess. My question was, where was the security when the alarm sounded because I definitely had an alarm. I even had a CarTrack device. Anyways, I managed to get some security footage and we captured his face, the evidence he did the act, as well as his escape. If anyone knows this clown, please DM me. I don’t care anymore to hide his face because why should we protect a messed up thief? To those of you going to Johor, please be careful. And KSL D’Esplanade Residence, please care to explain what your security were doing. Thank you. #carburglar #johor #johorbahru #kslmall #ksl #kslresidences ♬ original sound - buckysaveragesimp

The netizen and his friend did not drive anywhere else, leaving the car parked overnight.

However, as they passed the car on their way to breakfast the next morning, they were shocked to see the driver seat window smashed and the items in the car strewn all over.

The netizen also shared that whoever broke into his car had unlocked the doors and the boot, where he had kept his laptop in a bag.

Part of the TikTok video shows a man looking up at the closed circuit television camera in the lift. The netizen claimed it was taken from the security's CCTV footage, which also showed the man smashing the car window.

TikTok user TheBlueCarGuy is looking to identify the man.

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