Singapore car in JB mall carpark stripped of all its wheels: 'Lucky thief still gave you the body'

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Could this have happened in Singapore?

A car with a Singapore number plate was spotted stripped of its four wheels in a Johor Bahru shopping mall carpark.

TikTokker TioBehPyo posted a video of the wheelless red Hyundai Elantra on Saturday (July 9) with the caption: "Really sad to see this. Not sure if owner is even aware yet."

According to the video, the car was in the KSL City Mall basement carpark with all its rims and tyres removed. The jack stands were apparently left behind as the vehicle remained elevated off the ground if a little slanted to the side.

@tiobehpyo Really sad to see this. Not sure if owner is even aware yet. #ksl #johorbahru #jb #carsofsingapore #sad #thisonehurts ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs - Skittlegirl Sound

Based on the "SMC" prefix on the number plate, the car was registered in May 2018, making it four years old.

The video has been viewed more than 500,000 times.

Some netizens were not surprised this happened.

A few commented that at least the whole car was not stolen.