Speeding car crashes into barrier and catches fire on CTE

A car that was speeding on the Central Expressway (CTE) crashed into a road divider and caught fire.

A video of the incident was captured and posted on ROADS.sg.

According to the timestamp on the video, the incident happened on 18 Nov at 7.53am.

In the clip, a car on the left lane can be seen swerving in and out of other lanes before crashing into the road divider at the right side of the road.

The front part of the car was on fire and smoke can be seen coming out of the bonnet of the car.

According to a caption on the video, the person who witnessed this accident stopped his vehicle to check if the driver was alright.

"He looked ok and was talking on his mobile. I used my fire extinguisher to kill the fire and headed back to my car and moved off,"  read the caption from the anonymous user who submitted the video.