Speed demon 'chiongs' down Malaysian highway and emergency lane like it's his grandfather's road

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Videos of a Singapore-registered car speeding down a Malaysian highway and driving on the emergency lane has been circulating on Facebook.

Several Stompers alerted Stomp to the videos that were posted by Facebook user Zul Fahmie.

Zul posted the videos yesterday evening (Sep 3) but it is unclear exactly when it happened.

According to Zul, the incident happened on the expressway somewhere between Machap and Kulai in Johor.

The driver of SLF618U starts off zooming down the emergency lane on the left side of the expressway, presumably to avoid the slower moving traffic.

He changes lanes abruptly, posing a danger to the motorcyclist filming the footage.

At one point he also jams on his brakes unnecessarily in what appears to be a demonstration of road rage.

The videos have sparked anger among netizens, especially Malaysians and the videos have garnered nearly 2,000,000 views so far.

Watch them below.