Driver of Vezel SLG9322H, watch this video to see how reckless you are

Submitted by Stomper Jowen

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Stomper Jowen was driving along Bukit Panjang Ring Road yesterday (Aug 13) at around 4.47pm when he encountered a reckless Honda Vezel driver.

Jowen was driving on the right lane of the two-lane road while the Honda driver with licence plate number SLG9322H was on the left behind a bus.

Suddenly, the Honda driver cut into the lane Jowen was in with barely enough distance for safety.

"I shudder to think what would have happened had he collided into my vehicle in which my aged mother was a passenger," said the Stomper.

Upon reviewing footage from his dashboard camera, Jowen realised that the driver had made other erratic moves as well as he overtook cars from the left to get into a right-turn lane.

"I think the driver has to be educated on the consequences of his reckless act," said Jowen.

"Of late, there seems to be an increase in serious vehicle accidents resulting in deaths of an innocent.

"Hopefully, with more public awareness and education, our roads can be safer."

Watch the video below.