So cute! Otters frolic in the sand at Kallang Riverside Park

Submitted by Stomper ZCE

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A passer-by was pleasantly surprised to see a pair of otters enjoying a carefree day out on Saturday afternoon (Mar 19).

Stomper ZCE said he came across the cute creatures at Kallang Riverside Park at around 4.35pm.

A video that he shared shows two otters rolling about in the sand.

ZCE told Stomp: "I was strolling in the park and happened to see this cute scene of otters playing in the sand. It was a nice surprise as I didn't expect to be so close to them."

According to online reports, otters roll on the ground as a way to clean, dry and groom their fur. They also rub against logs or vegetation.

For more information about the dos and don't when encountering otters, check out the National Parks Board's website.