Otters munch on fish in pond outside McDonald's at Ridout Tea Garden

Submitted by Stomper Mike

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Another incident involving otters feasting on live fish has occurred in the Queenstown area.

Stomper Mike shared with Stomp a video he took of otters in the pond at the popular McDonald's in Ridout Tea Garden on Wednesday (Apr 7) at 9pm.

He said: "The otters ate up all the poor fish in the pond here!"

"Soon, there will be no more fish left in our parks and condos.

"I'm shocked they travelled so far inland, invaded our ponds and killed all the innocent fish."

Previously, The New Paper reported on a family of 12 otters frolicking in a swimming pool at the nearby The Crest condominium next to Alexandra Canal on Tuesday afternoon (Apr 6).

The otters are believed to be from the Zouk family and were seen feasting on most of the fish in a pond at the condominium.