Bus captain goes extra mile by pushing elderly wheelchair user safely off bus and close to block

Submitted by Stomper Wilson

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A bystander was touched by the service displayed by an SMRT bus captain on Tuesday evening (Apr 11).

Stomper Wilson shared with Stomp a video of the bus captain assisting an elderly wheelchair user passenger off the bus at a bus stop along Queensway at about 7pm.

He then went the extra mile by pushing him closer to a wheelchair ramp at Block 97 Commonwealth Crescent instead of just leaving him at the bus stop.

"I would like to compliment SMRT bus captain Victor of bus service 961 for going beyond his duty to push a wheelchair user on and off the bus," said Wilson.

"He went the extra mile to push the commuter nearer to his block and I don't usually see other bus captains doing this.

"He also greets his commuters with a simple nod.

"He is a very friendly and cheerful bus captain.

"Thank you SMRT for training your bus captains so well.

"Thank you bus captain Victor for your first-class service!

"I hope SMRT can share this compliment with him."