SMRT bus captain's great service warms commuter's heart

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The kind actions of an SMRT bus captain have not gone unnoticed by passengers who frequently take his bus.

A Stomper shared with Stomp how the bus driver's service has impressed him.

The Stomper said: "I am a commuter who takes bus captain Khairulshafiq’s bus service 187 frequently and have noticed all his small actions which would warm countless of commuters' hearts!"

He said he often hears Khairulshafiq saying, "good morning, welcome on board" and, "auntie/uncle slowly ah, take your time".

"These may seem like small actions, but as a commuter, it warms my heart as I can feel he really provides good service from the bottom of his heart.

"Besides greeting his commuters, he stops the bus near to the kerb so that his elderly commuters can board his bus easily.

"Instead of moving off immediately, he waits for the elderly and pregnant woman to find a seat before moving off, which I find really amazing as he could be late for his schedule!

"Besides providing good service, bus captain Khairulshafiq also keeps his bus extremely clean.

"Good Service can’t be forced, it must come from the bottom of your heart!"