SBS Transit bus captain goes above and beyond by giving $10 to senior citizen who forgot his wallet

A Stomper was touched by the kindness of an SBS Transit bus captain who gave him $10 after he boarded a bus without his wallet and EZLink card.

He shared with Stomp that he wanted to give praise to the bus captain of bus service 852.

"I boarded the bus without my wallet which had my money and senior bus card," he said.

"I was panicked and did not know what to do.

"What happened next, really surprised me.

"Bus captain Prasad took out his own wallet and handed me $10 to pay for my transport fees.

"He told me to keep the change in case I might need it for the day.

"He did it full of honesty and compassion towards a senior citizen like myself, smiling graciously."

The Stomper added that he has encountered Prasad almost every morning when he takes the bus from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 to Yishun.

"This handsome driver never fails to smile and greet every passenger, young or old, regardless of race, rich or poor.

"It really makes my day and that of all the other passengers.

"He is always ready to help beyond the call of duty and never gets angry when has to explain over and over again to seniors or when foreigners ask him for directions.

"He looks out for seniors and young children to board the bus safely and that they are seated comfortably before he drives off.

"He is truly an SBS Transit bus captain full of passion for his job and a heart full of gold.

"SBS Transit must be proud of you, keep up the marvellous job!"