SingPost apologises after postman leaves parcels on top of letterbox at Boon Lay Drive

Submitted by Stomper Satria

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Stomper Satria was shocked to find three parcels left on top of the letterbox at Block 188 Boon Lay Drive on Aug 14.

He had gone down to check his mail at about 1pm when he found the parcels. One was addressed to him and the other two were for his neighbours.

He alerted Stomp to the incident and said: "SingPost can like that meh? Just place the parcels on top of the letterbox?"

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman from SingPost issued the following response.

"SingPost apologises to the reader for his experience.

"Our investigation showed that it was the oversight of the postman, who had unwittingly left the parcels behind.

"However, we are glad that the reader managed to retrieve his package.

"SingPost would like to remind the public that they can call our hotline at 1605 whenever they spot such incidents, so that we can take timely action."

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