SingPost apologises after technical fault causes POPStation@Adelphi lockers to be left open

Submitted by Stomper Jonathan

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Stomper Jonathan visited the POPStation at The Adelphi shopping mall to collect a parcel on June 13, but was dismayed to learn that he had made a wasted trip as his locker door was faulty.

He told Stomp that the parcel contained golf equipment, adding: "When I went to my designated locker, its door was faulty and therefore I could not collect my item.

"I called the hotline that was displayed but there was no answer."

Jonathan returned to POPStation @ Adelphi the following day (June 14) to collect his parcel.

He recounted: "I was shocked to find that the locker door was open.

"Luckily, my parcel was still inside and I collected it.

"The door for another locker above mine was also open, with the item inside exposed."

Jonathan said he then informed SingPost of the matter via the feedback form on its website.

Stomp understands that the faulty locker door on June 13 and open locker doors on June 14 were due to an ongoing technical fault at that time.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for SingPost said: "SingPost apologises to Mr Jonathan for the inconvenience caused during his parcel retrieval process.

"An immediate investigation found that the POPStation @ Adelphi experienced a technical fault when Mr Jonathan attempted to collect his parcel on June 13.

"We are glad that Mr Jonathan managed to retrieve his parcel the following day.

"While technical faults can happen from time to time, the network of POPStations across Singapore undergoes regular maintenance checks to ensure that they are in good working condition. The POPStation @ Adelphi has since been repaired."

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