Singaporean couple rides with motorcycle convoy -- right up to wedding reception

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A Singaporean couple took their love for motorcycles to the next level by incorporating it into their wedding on Feb 2.

Kaydence Chin, 24, and 25-year-old Errol Lee rode to their wedding reception at Bukit Batok's Civil Service Club with a convoy of about 40 other riders.

Stomper Aaron, who was part of the convoy, alerted Stomp to the unique celebration and shared the full video of the convoy that was posted on Facebook on Wednesday night (Feb 27).

In a phone interview with Stomp, Kaydence said the convoy took a month to plan.

"The convoy started at my mum's home at Hampshire Road after our tea ceremony," she said.

"We did trial runs twice together and once with our friends before the actual day.

"However, just a week before the wedding we changed the route because we realised that the one we planned initially would have a traffic jam on a Saturday."

Thankfully, despite the last-minute change, everything went according to plan.

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"We were hoping for good weather and were even prepared to brave it through the rain but fortunately, everything went smoother than expected."

Kaydence sported a chic short wedding gown so that she could comfortably ride her 2016 Yamaha YZF-R1 while Errol was dressed smartly in a suit and bow tie on his 2003 Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird.

If you were wondering if the ride was a warm one, it was.

"There was a lot of sweat, it was super hot," Kaydence said with a laugh.

"Riding slow on a big bike emits a lot of heat."

When the couple arrived at their reception's location at 4pm, they immediately headed to the swimming pool's shower area to freshen up.

"I had to redo my makeup and hair before we changed into our march-in outfits."

The couple, who have been together for five years, had registered their marriage last year.

"The banquet was requested by the elders so we decided that if we were going through with it, we might as well do what we like," said Kaydence.

Motorcycles were also featured in the newlyweds' pre-wedding shoot.

They first met through a mutual friend and it was not long before their mutual enthusiasm for motorcycles spurred them to work together.

"After one to two years together, we left our old jobs to work at the same motorcycle workshop," Kaydence said.

"After that, we moved on to work at a motorcycle accessories store."

Kaydence has just recently left her job to further her studies while Errol continues to work there.

Between them, the motorcycle enthusiasts own five bikes, including two scramblers and a scooter.