Woman ferries 2 kids on motorised scooter at Yishun Ring Road, both of whom don't have helmets

Submitted by Stomper Roger

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Stomper Roger was concerned to see a woman ferry two kids on a large motorised scooter across a traffic junction between Yishun Ring Road and Yishun Avenue 11 at 1.30pm yesterday (Oct 8).

The Stomper was worried for the two kids as they did not have any helmets on.

He said:

"For a second, I thought I was in a developing country where it is common to see motorcyclists with multiple pillion riders on board. But hey this is Singapore," said the Stomper.

"It took enforcement agencies years to enforce the regulations and discipline in place.

"But yet, in the mist of pursuing a car-lite future, we seem to be losing the most fundamental objective: Public Safety!

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"In the first place, non-compliant motorised devices should not be allowed to be imported into Singapore.

"With the recent announcements that Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) will be allowed for use on public paths, many people who were previously motorcyclists or motorised bicycle (PAB) users are now switching to PMDs.

"And most of the users either do not read the requirements, choose to ignore, or are misled by sellers.

"They end up buying PMDs according to their preference: the bigger and faster, the better.

"To eradicate this growing trend, the most effective solution is to ban the import of such non-compliant devices into Singapore.

"The relevant authorities should look into this issue quickly to prevent more accidents from happening.

"And for those thinking of getting a bigger and more powerful motorised devices, please make sure you have a valid driving licence.

"And be prepared to pay the due taxes, COE and road tax, motor insurance and season parking, and get yourself a proper motorcycle or scooter to ride on the roads!

"Get away from the footpaths please."