Are electric scooters allowed on the train?

Submitted by Stomper Chong

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Stomper Chong was boarding a train from Ang Mo Kio at 6:45pm yesterday when he noticed a man with an electric scooter inside the train. 

The scooter was not folded and it could have been as heavy as 20kg, according to Mr Chong.

SMRT has stated on their website that for the comfort and safety of other passengers, commuters should refrain themselves from roller skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, and riding their bicycle or motorized/electric scooters at the train stations.

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However, articles not exceeding the maximum dimensions are allowed to be carried on trains. 

The maximum dimensions for luggage and other articles are 90cm by 60cm by 30cm and for folded bicycles, dimensions have to be within 114cm by 64cm by 36cm.

This is the third time this year that Stomp has received feedback from commuters regarding scooters.

The first time being on 20th of April when a girl sat on her scooter in a train and the second being on 19th of July when Stomper Cecelia was worried that a scooter might pose a serious safety issue,

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