Why so hot? Ventilation fans at Woodlands Checkpoint bus terminal not working

Submitted by Stomper Vincent

Imagine having sweat dripping down your back under the sweltering heat as you wait for the bus amongst a huge crowd. The ventilation is poor, people are standing so close to each other, and the heat radiating from the bus isn’t really helping you feel any more comfortable.

"Sweaty and sticky" was how Stomper Vincent felt while waiting for his bus to Johor at the Woodlands Checkpoint bus terminal yesterday (Oct 20).

A frequent visitor to Johor by bus, Vincent explained that the ventilation situation never improved.

Vincent said:

“Maybe they don’t wish to turn them on because they haven’t cleaned the vents, you can see the dirt stuck on them.

“For some reason, the crowd was unusually huge yesterday, and you could tell that everyone was suffering in silence from the look on their faces.

“The heat was terrible.

“The buses weren’t traveling very quickly either, we had to wait for about 10-20 minutes for the bus to arrive, and everyone’s just sweating and feeling really sticky.

“And we’re not even in JB yet!

“They don’t want to air condition the place it’s okay, but at least install some fans for some ventilation there. Like the huge fans they install in MRT stations.”

We hope this situation gets fixed ASAP, as this would definitely ruin the journey for most people.