Netizens, why argue over who is at fault in 3-vehicle MCE accident when truck driver is clearly at fault?

A video of a three-vehicle accident on MCE has sparked heated debate among netizens over who is at fault even though it is apparent that the truck driver seen in the clip is clearly at fault.

The clip, recently posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road and credited to YingLoong Tan, shows a truckĀ attempting to change lanes on the expressway.

In the clip, the truck seems to be drifting from the second lane to the first lane, and no signal can be seen indicating the lane change.

The truck driver ends up clipping a car travelling on the merging lane, sending it going across the lane and right into a lorry that was also changing lanes.

It is unclear if anyone was injured from the accident.

However, the clip itself seems to have sparked quite an argument among Facebook usersĀ over who is to blame for the crash.

There are a few things to take note of is that the car is coming out of a merging lane and heading onto the left lane of the expressway.

The truck is already on the main expressway lane, and changing lanes onto the left-most lane.

The lorry is also making a lane change, and is thus between two lanes when the crash happens.

Netizens seem to be split between taking the sides of the truck and car drivers.

Some blamed the car driver for being in the truck's blind spot, and not accelerating to stay in front of or go behind the heavy vehicle.

They argue that the truck driver would not have been able to see the car, but the car driver could have spotted the large truck.

They even suggest that he should have sounded the horn to warn the truck driver.

Others, however, seemed to side with the car driver.

They pointed out that the car driver had merged with the expressway lane, and that it is the truck driver who should have checked before making a lane change.

Stomp has looked at the video as well, and we would agree with those who side with the car driver.

It is impossible for him to warn or avoid the truck driver at that distance, and he can't do much if the truck driver is not paying attention when changing lanes.

What do you think? Share your views with us.