Trailer and bus end up on divider after colliding at Clementi Rd

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A trailer and a bus ended up on a divider after colliding at Clementi Road at about 6.06 am today (Oct 26).

Stomper Pei Ling saw the aftermath of the accident near Kent Ride Terminal at 7.45am and alerted Stomp to the incident.

Broken tree branches lay on the divider, and glass shards lay scattered on the road.

A police spokesperson told Stomp that they received a call at about 6.06am today, alerting them to the accident. 

No injuries were reported and police investigations are ongoing.

An SCDF spokesperson said that they received a call about the accident at 6.08am, and an ambulance was dispatched to the location.

Upon arrival, two persons with with minor injuries were assessed by the medics.

"They refused conveyance to the hospital," said the SCDF spokesperson.