Thug life: Guy who sells ex-GF's reclining chair now sells himself too

Salesmanship is just as important as the product you buy these days.

A man, Raph Yee, recently shot to fame after his listing of his ex-girlfriend’s reclining chair on Carousell was discovered by netizens.

More specifically, his accompanying descriptions of the chair, that is. 

The description caught the attention of many netizens who found it hilarious and tragic all at once.

Said Yee of the chair:

"Preloved, just like me.

"Able to recline up to 180 degrees, just like she pulled a 180 on me. 

"Material is soft and comfortable, but apparently not boyfriend material,

"Color is brown, like how shitty i felt for the past 7 months.

“Perfect for those mornings you want to sit at a table and do nothing but contemplate your existence and question your inability to keep a 3-year relationship afloat."

Not contented with just selling the chair,  Yee decided to put himself up for sale after a few days. 

Of course, there’s the brilliant accompanying description of the product (himself).

The description reads:

“Used but not abused.

“Condition: 8

“Size: 170cm

“Good for long term family planning, insurance plan selection, cooking, cleaning, cuddling, buying you breakfast, deep existential discussions about the fleeting nature of happiness and mornings pondering about the absurdity of life.

“5% Boyfriend, 95% Husband material – RARE FIND.

“100% Authentic, i dont cheat. 

“Can try first to see if can fit.


And a review by a supposed ‘ex-girlfriend’: 

“I’m sure whoever it is, they’ll be so lucky to have you.”

What do you think of his move?

Gutsy or over-the-top?