Online seller delays deal but compensates buyer with free McDonald's breakfast

Twitter user Didi shared a heartwarming experience with an online seller with the best attitude.

Didi had purchased a book, Diary of an Oxygen Thief, on Carousell but the seller had to delay the transaction for some reason.

However, instead of just leaving it at that, the seller offered to include a free pair of earrings as a gesture of good will.

Didi appreciated the seller's offer but told her that she didn't wear earrings.

The seller then tried to find other ways to make it up to her like suggesting to get her a necklace instead.

Didi then suggested she treat her to a cheap McDonald's breakfast.

The seller agreed and when it came time for them to meet for Didi to collect her book, the seller actually followed through with a McDonald's breakfast meal in hand.

That must have made Didi's day.

Check out the exchange in the gallery above.