Taxi tout frequently seen at MBS finds fault with cabbies and allegedly spews vulgarities at them

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A taxi tout has been caught on tape arguing with other cab drivers at MBS Tower 1 taxi stand.

Stomp was alerted to the video was posted by Jimmy Lee.

In the video description, Lee alleges that the driver was touting and soliciting at MBS Tower 1 Taxi Stand "everyday". 

He also said that the driver chose people that headed to tourist attractions and he had "disputes with many taxi drivers behind him and this was another incident using vulgar language".

In the video, the taxi tout can be seen gesticulating angrily and pointing at the taxi drivers. Some men also approach him to calm him down but he continues to argue.

Stomper Jimmy also sent us a video taken on Sunday (Nov 11) at 11am. He claimed another cab driver had reported the taxi tout to the coordinator but was told that "no one could stop him".

The Stomper also said: " I tried to reason with him that it was not fair as I queued behind him. He then used vulgar language and threatened to beat me up if there was no camera around.