Cabby suddenly brakes and changes lanes without signalling, then shows rider middle finger after getting horned at

Submitted by Stomper Akyd

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Stomper Akyd was riding along Eng Neo Avenue when he encountered a reckless taxi driver.

Akyd was about to change lanes when he saw a taxi approaching at a faster speed.

He let the cabby pass him but after that, the cabby braked suddenly to make a lane change almost causing the Stomper to hit him from the back.

Said Akyd:

"That is when I sounded my horn at him for not signalling his intention to make a lane change."

As Akyd rode past the cabby he saw him showing the middle finger.

The Stomper said:

"Maybe he was pissed off that I horned him but is it better not to do that cause him to hit my bike and make me fall down?"

"These are the types of drivers who are a road hazard because of their selfishness trying to filter ahead from others without bothering about their surroundings."

Watch the video below.