Woman looking for mystery 'fine-looking chap' who helped father with pram at Clarke Quay

Submitted by Stomper Jing

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Stomper Jing was at Clarke Quay yesterday (Dec 14) at around 2pm when she came across a heartwarming sight.

She first noticed that a father was having trouble carrying a pram down a flight of steps at the end of Read Bridge.

Seeing that he was having trouble, a kind male passerby stepped forward to help.

Said the Stomper in an email:

"Fortunately, an alert passerby noticed the father's predicament and readily offered his assistance to carry the pram down safely. 

"The incident happened too quickly for me to take down his details but he's actually a fine looking chap. 

"He is well-groomed, looks to be in his 20s and has small eyes.

"Please reach out to me if you can recognize his back view. 

"Without a doubt, such acts of kindness occur in Singapore all the time when parents face difficulty in maneuvering their children at tight spots."

The Stomper has also said that she feels something can be done to improve accessibility at the Read Bridge since it is utilised by so many people. 

Kindly contact us at stomp@stomp.com.sg or via WhatsApp at 9384 3761 if you have any information about the Good Samaritan.